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The Ambo Dance Theatre


The Ambo Dance Theatre School
2024-2025 Dance School Year
Registration and Enrollment

The Ambo Dance Theatre School
2024-2025 Dance School Year

August 12, 2024 - June 15, 2024

Enrollment for our 2024-2025 school year has begun, and this year we are offering more exciting opportunities to our families and students than ever before! We are looking forward to providing you with a full year of performances, social events, and extracurricular opportunities, as well as continuing to providing a variety of classes for students ages 3+ all the way through adults!

Learn more by visiting our registration link above!

Early Bird Registration Discount! 

Get 50% off the cost of registration between now and June 23rd!

Our History

In January of 2023, Ambo Dance Theatre merged with the Louisville Contemporary Dance School in order to unify their vision of creating more equitable access to a holistic Dance Education, as well as building more clear pathways for participating in the professional concert dance world in Louisville!

The Ambo Dance Theatre School provides leveled classes for all ages that foster creativity and competence in choreography, alongside body awareness and technical proficiency that is developmentally appropriate.

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The Legacy Behind Our Program

The Ambo Dance Theatre School carries on the legacy of Ms. Sally Baker Rothenburger’s dance school: Ballet Arts Studio (1969-2017) and their mission to nurture the growth of the dance community, through age-appropriate dance education, performance and outreach. This program was adopted and expanded upon as Horizons Dance Theatre (later rebranded as Louisville Contemporary Dance School) in 2017, where it launched its first Dance Outreach and Wellness program at the Masonic Home, serving individuals facing cognitive challenges.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Our dance school is versed in the foundational benefits of mindfulness practices that support physical conditioning through proper body mechanics, and technique; as well as developing creative movement dance skills, improvisation and choreographic skills and experiences.  We introduce students to the history, music and language of differing dance styles, and develop physical strength, flexibility and dance skill in accordance with each student’s growth. The dance school program sets a strong foundation for students who also want to continue into the pre-professional or professional company, and for anyone who wants to work towards professional-level training.

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