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Drop-In Classes
April - August 2024


Flexibility and Strengthening

Sundays @ 12pm

This class promotes functional strength, fitness, and wellness for all bodies, but especially catered to the dancing body. Exercises focus on proper alignment and kinesthetic awareness to create balance throughout the body and reduce the risk of injury, ultimately providing the necessary tools to increase endurance, range of motion, and overall physical performance.


For teens and adults.

All experience levels welcome!

All equipment provided!




Sundays @ 1pm

Explore modern dance elements, such as contraction and release, fall and recovery, initiation points and kinetic chains through the body, and use of the spine in movement. This class typically starts on the floor with Laban/Bartenieff-based exercises and gradually builds to standing and moving across the floor. 

For teens and adults.

All experience levels welcome!

Layers are recommended.




Fridays @ 5pm

This class will explore different strategies and partnering techniques rooted in contact improvisation and gender-neutral non-traditional partnering. Participants will learn to use their body weight and skeletal structure strategically to build lifts and partnered weight sharing that they can then apply broadly through structured improvisational exercises and movement phrases.

For teens and adults.

Movement experience recommended.

Come solo or bring a partner!


Dance Improvisation

Fridays @ 6pm

Much like actors can improvise a scene together, so can dancers collectively improvise a dance that looks choreographed right on the spot! This class places an emphasis on group compositional improvisation. Through games, activities, and scores, we'll learn strategies for connecting as an ensemble, building and structuring dance extemporaneously, and treating improvisation as performance. 

For teens and adults.

All experience levels welcome!

Join Us For Class!
Classes can be purchased and paid for in-person! 
If you are new to Ambo, please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of class to complete paperwork and pay for classes!
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