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Ambo Dance Theatre

Dance for all bodies, all identities, all backgrounds

Ambo Dance Theatre (Louisville, KY) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization dedicated to furthering the artistry, accessibility, and professional opportunities within modern and contemporary dance. Their work is often interdisciplinary in nature, combining elements from theatre, film, photography, and visual arts to create works that touch on social issues and the human condition. 
Using a collaborative model for creation, Ambo Dance Theatre not only presents the unique voice of the choreographer, but also the direct input and movement vocabulary of the dancers themselves to create innovative, integrative, and original modern dance works that unify a variety of perspectives on complex topics.​

Rooted in Modern Dance, we provide access to dance education, performance, and career opportunities through the creation of original concert dance works that inspire and engage diverse audiences in Kentucky and beyond.

Let's make Louisville the next Dance Hub!

Hear Founder and Artistic Director Amberly M. Simpson speak about the value of dance in our lives and community and articulate some of the intentions and goals of Ambo Dance Theatre.









To create original modern and contemporary dance works that share a unique voice.

To provide equitable access to educational opportunities in dance to the community.

To foster a dance community that honors and invites all individuals to participate.

To build sustainable, paid performance and choreographic opportunities for local dance artists.

Ambo Dance Theatre Highlight Reel 2019/2020


The name Ambo comes from a childhood nickname that was given to Ambo Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director, Amberly M. Simpson when she was a young child, drawing a comparison to the Sylvester Stallone movie, Rambo. 

Over the years, the nickname stuck and was adopted by others.  It is a nickname used only by those that know her intimately, and, as such, the name itself represents entering in a space of  intimacy, vulnerability, complexity, and intense honesty, as well as a spirit of unyielding tenacity…just with a little less violence and recklessness than the actual Rambo.

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