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We are excited to be auditioning adult and teen dancers of backgrounds, abilities, and identities to participate in our dance community!

We are seeking performers to join our...
Community Ensemble
Junior Company
Professional Company


Virtual Info Meeting
Tuesdays, April 11 & 18



Sundays, April 23 & 30
1-3pm - Adults
4-6pm - Youth

***See Audition FAQ below!***

Audition FAQ

How old do I have to be to audition?

We work with dancers ranging from middle school age to adults across our various companies! You must be a minimum of 12 years old in order to audition. 

For more information about each of our levels of company, see the next question!

What are the various levels of company and involvement?

We like to keep things flexible at Ambo. Whether you're able to commit 2 hours per week or 10, we design our schedule around YOUR physical and emotional availability rather than expecting you to conform to our time demands.

We have several different performing groups in our company, each with different opportunities available to them.

Community Ensemble - The most flexible level of involvement! This is open to dancers of all ages. Community ensemble allows people to dance in our shows without committing to longer-term company involvement. There is a small production fee involved with this position.

Junior Company - Junior Company is a pre-professional track program. Dancers receive training in modern dance, choreography and composition, and group compositional improvisation. Dancers enroll and pay tuition for the training that they receive, but there are no production or costuming costs associated with these positions. They are also eligible for additional performance and choreographic opportunities! All dancers wishing to join Junior Company must complete a show period as a Trainee! Promotion is based on physical and emotional readiness!

Professional Company - these are paid positions for experienced dancers who are 18+. Most professional company dancers will spend a show period as a Community Ensemble member or Apprentice before being promoted, but this is not always the case; it depends person-to-person! This is a contracted position as opposed to an enrollment-based one. Contracts extend beyond this show period.

What do I need to wear to the audition?

Any athletic clothes that you can move in are acceptable! For the sake of seeing body lines, it is preferred to that clothes air toward form-fitting.

Does it cost anything to audition?

Since auditions are held during regularly-scheduled class time, the cost to audition is the same as attending a regular drop-in class: $15. If there is financial need, please speak to us! We do not believe that finances should ever be a barrier to participation.

Do I need to bring a headshot and resume?

You do not need to, but we always like receiving this information if you have it. Ultimately, most of our decision making is made off of the audition itself and looking at the following criteria: your dance ability, your openness to new ideas and experiences, your ability to collaborate with others, your ability to integrate feedback, and your attitude!

Who should I contact if I have other questions?

Please send us an email at and we will get back to you shortly!

Let’s Dance Together!

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