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About the Junior Company

This program is intended to expose individuals to an in-depth study of modern dance technique, theory, and composition, as well as dance improvisation with an emphasis on group compositional improvisation. Junior Company Members will have a weekly 1-hour technique class, followed by a 1.5-2 hour rehearsal, during which time they will learn skills for collaboratively creating choreography through developing their own solos, collectively creating choreography as a group, and having works staged on them by company members and the Artistic and Associate Director. This study will culminate in a show (August) where the work they have been building will be featured and performed. 


Following this show, Junior Company Members will have the option to continue with the program for our Graham Cracker Season (the Extended Session), in which they will be eligible for character roles, feature roles, or will generally play a more prominent role than a regular community member participant. Additionally, Junior Company Members will have opportunities to collaboratively stage sections of choreography in the show. 


Junior Company Members who complete the Extended Session of the program will be evaluated and considered for promotion to Apprentices.

Meet the Dancers!


Rylan Cole

Rylan attends Noe Middle School as part of the Performing Arts magnet program. She currently trains at Ambo Dance Theatre, and she has previously trained at Dance 360, All About Kids, and Act One, Step Two. She hopes to one day become a professional stage actress.


Carly Hay

Carly is an 8th grader at Noe Middle School who enjoys horseback riding and animals. She is extremely "extra", chaotic, and full of energy. She is always putting herself out there, in dance and otherwise, and having fun in the process. 


Kennedy Julian

Kennedy is an 8th grader at St. Francis school. She has been dancing with Dancensation Studios for 10 years. She has been in many shows in the Louisville area, including Annie at the Jewish Community Center, Frozen at Stage One, Adam's Family at Dancensation, and Our Town and The Lion King at St. Francis School. Kennedy enjoys playing field hockey with her friends and loves to make people laugh. She also sings and plays guitar in a band with her sister and best friend!


Allesandra Day

Allesandra is a student at Seneca High School. She can not only do a handstand for 0.3 seconds, she can also speak four words in Spanish! Her favorite style of dance is jazz. She's very ambitious and brightens up the rehearsal room with her quirky and dry sense of humor!


Marion Ivy

Marion is a 7th grade student at Noe Middle School. She has been dancing for 8 years and has also attended dance companies Dance Divine and Elevate. In her spare time, Marion enjoys reading and baking.


Aila Kolehmainen

Aila is a 7th grade student at Noe Middle School majoring in Dance. She has been continuously dancing since the second grade through Dance Fusion where she studied Hip Hop and Ballet, and Noe Dance Theatre where she studied modern. Additionally, she has participated in gymnastics, cheerleading, soccer and softball.  She enjoys expressing herself and simply improving in the arts where Dance is her artform of choice!  Overall, she is looking forward to enhancing her abilities while performing at Ambo Dance Theatre.  


Mallory McCoy

Mallory is a 7th grade student at Noe Middle School. She has been dancing with Center Stage Dance Company since she was three years old. She enjoys creating choreography in her free time and spends a lot of time taking care of her five-year-old brother, whom she loves!


Channing Rivera

Channing is a 7th grade student and Dance Major at Western Middle School for the Arts. She has been dancing at Dancensation Studios for 10 years where she received the honor of "Performer of the Year" for the 2020-2021 season! She performs professionally in the Kentuckiana community, including the Jewish Community Center and Derby Dinner Playhouse. She plays ukulele and piano, and she loves to bake in her spare time!


Semaiah Robertson

Semaiah is an 8th grader at Noe Middle School. She has been dancing for 8 years and she has previously performed in the Brown-Forman Nutcracker as an Angel and a Soldier. Semaiah spends her free time reading. She is also a part of the Noe Middle School's journalism club where she primarily writes about ongoing events!


Helena Smith-Pohl

Helena is a 7th grader at Noe Middle School where she is a Dance Major in the Performing Arts Magnet program. She has also trained in Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Musical Theatre at Louisville Dance Alliance. Outside of dancing, Helena enjoys tennis and biking, and her hobbies include hiking, swimming, playing board games, and cats.


Arieanna Washington

Arieanna is an 8th grade student at Noe Middle School. They were introduced to dance through Noe's Dance Magnet program where they've been dancing for 2 years! In their free time, Arieanna enjoys photography and listening to music.


Isabela Wilmes

Isabela is an 8th grader at Highland Middle School. She has been dancing for 10 years and has experience in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Modern. In her free time, Isabela enjoys playing field hockey!

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