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Adult and Teen Enrollment Classes

Current Session: Summer

June 20 - August 11, 2023

These classes are designed for adults and teens! Here is a breakdown of the levels we currently offer:




Open Level (all levels)


The Summer, Fall, and Winter sessions are NON-PERFORMING classes that span an 8-week period. Please note that each session is built out at 10 weeks to accommodate for class cancellations due to holidays, weather events, etc.!

The Spring Session is our oddball session where there IS a culminating performance! This session specifically focuses on choreographic skills for each of the styles. Think of it like a mini choreography intensive!


2023-2024 Sessions

SUMMER: June 20 - August 11, 2023

FALL: September 5 - November 10, 2023

WINTER: January 8 - March 22, 2023

SPRING: April 8 - May 26, 2024

SUMMER: June 17 - August 24, 2023

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Dance School Year Classes!

Monday Classes




Heather Moran

A contemporary technique class that blends elements from a variety of styles and techniques. This class focuses on spatial and body awareness, use of body weight, floor work, leaps, turns, efficiency of muscle usage, and safe body alignment to help you discover your unique movement style.


For teens and adults.

Bare feet required.

Some prior experience recommended.

DSC_0851 (1).jpg

Jumps and Turns


Amberly M. Simpson

This class focuses on developing and strengthening dancers' abilities to execute a variety of jumps and turns. It not only includes a wide array of conditioning exercises to help with kinesthetic awareness, strong alignment, and overall physical endurance, but also builds upon diverse use of jumps and turns within choreography so that dancers are able to apply these skills broadly across performance and technique.


For teens and adults.

Ballet or Jazz Shoes required.

Must be enrolled in the 5pm Contemporary class to enroll in this class.




Jose Brooks

Jazz focuses on building your technique, form, posture, and strength at your individual performance level. Class begins with a progression of technical exercises in center and across the floor to build strength and proficiency in jazz vocabulary. Technique is then applied to short choreographies, further placing an emphasis on the development of stage presence, quality of movement, and confidence. 

For teens and adults.

Jazz shoes or Apolla Shocks required.

Some prior experience recommended

Tuesday Classes


Mixed Dance Forms

1 hour

Teachers Rotate

This class is designed to give you diverse exposure to dance styles and practices from across the world. Think of it like an ongoing master class series. We'll explore styles such as Irish Step Dance, Indian Dance, Salsa, Swing, Acro Yoga, and more! The possibilities are endless!

For teens and adults.

Jazz shoes recommended.

All experience levels welcome!

Wednesday Classes

DSC_0851 (1).jpg

Acro and Floorwork


Amberly M. Simpson

Acro and Floor Work is designed to specifically build your strength and acrobatic skills through a Dance lens. This class incorporates movements and skills from yoga, gymnastics, contemporary dance, and much more in order help build safe and functional use of flexibility, as well as the strength and control necessary to reduce and prevent injury.


For teens and adults.

Bare feet required.

Some prior experience recommended.




Amberly M. Simpson

Follows traditional class structure, starting with work at the barre, moving to center floor, and then moving across the floor. Dancers will work on developing strength, flexibility, proper alignment, and movement pathways within their ballet technique that allow them to refine execution.

For teens and adults.

Ballet shoes, leotard, and tights required.

Some prior experience recommended.


Rhythm Tap


Joseph R. Brandt

An advanced beginner-intermediate level rhythm tap class focused on lower-body strengthening and flexibility, layering steps to create complex rhythms, musicality, and improvisation techniques.


For teens and adults.

Tap shoes required.

Prior experience required.

Classes Not Currently Running

Only gone for now, but not gone forever! We'll be bringing these classes back during the summer session! OR, if you'd like to see them sooner, email us at and we'll see about adding them to our current class offerings!


Dance Fundamentals

1 hour

Amberly M. Simpson

Dance Fundamentals is a class designed to strengthen foundations across a variety of dance styles. The curriculum is built to the unique goals of those enrolled! Don't let the word "fundamentals" fool you - this class is a deep dive into the biomechanics of movement through movement practices supplemented with practical and applied knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology!

For teens and adults.

Shoe requirements may vary.

All experience levels welcome!



45 minutes

Amberly M. Simpson

While this class is designed to prepare dancers for going en pointe, the strengthen, stability, and alignment work is universally applicable to all dance styles and practices. Exercises in this class focus on the foot and ankle, as well as building an understanding of kinetic chains and pathways through the body.


For teens and adults.

Bare feet and Ballet shoes required.

All experience levels welcome!

All equipment provided!

Class Pricing
A 5% discount is applied when you enroll in 2-3 classes!
A 10% discount is applied when you enroll in 4+ classes!

In order to make classes accessible to everyone, please contact us about scholarship and work study opportunities!

Contact us to find out more or enroll!
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